Is Your Team Geared Up for Winter?

Now that daylight savings has come to an end, it means winter is fast approaching. These colder months bring rain, wind, frost and cold temperatures.

Are you keeping your team warm and dry this winter? Now’s the time to start updating your winter wardrobe, don’t wait for winter to set in.

When it comes to winter fashion many people would tell you that the trick to keeping warm is by wearing layers, but that can cause an issue for your company’s branding.

Uniforms provide excellent benefits for your business, however in winter the company logos and brands frequently get hidden behind non-branded jackets. Branded jackets give your team credibility in the same way a branded shirt does, and including a branded jacket in your uniform dress-code means staff and team members will take the brand with them wherever they go this winter.

A good brand uniform reassures customers that the plumber, builder, or any type of tradesman or delivery person that turns up to their house is actually from the company they called. But it’s not limited to that. Sports teams and coaches are easily seen, professionals are identifiable in meetings, event staff and road-workers are visible, salesmen gain credibility, and ultimately everyone is kept warm.

Don’t only provide your staff or team with shirts to promote your brand, invest in jackets to ensure that your brand isn’t hidden.

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