Search Engine Marketing, Social Media… What does it mean for your business?

What does Wikipedia say? 

Search engine marketing, (SEM), is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion. Search engine optimization (SEO) “optimizes” website content to achieve a higher ranking in search results, for example, by incorporating specific keywords or links associated with the website. Depending on the context, SEM can be an umbrella term for various means of marketing a website including SEO, or it may contrast with SEO, focusing on just paid components. Source:

OK, almost got it… In simple terms… If you advertise your business website in the most popular social media websites and in the top 10 online business directories in New Zealand, this will increase your Internet presence and drive more traffic to your website.

Social Media websites and Online Business Directories are like TRAFFIC SIGNS POINTING TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE.

Its simple but you do need to do the work. The time investment will pay off as this form of advertising is free. Social Media websites are free to use and all the below online directories provide free listings.

Step 1. Add your business information and website address to the following selection of New Zealand Business directories.

Google Places, FindaHotFrogNZSGopherNZ SEARCHZenbuZipLeaf New Zealand, 

WowcityLocalistNoCowboys, Wises Maps and check to see your website is in Yahoo and Bing Maps...

Step 2. Create Social Media Business Profiles.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin company profile, Google+ User Profile, Google+ Business Page, YouTube Business channel, Foursquare

After all that hard work, your website will get more and more traffic. The catch is that you need to update every website with content including popular keywords and keyword phrases about your business. Make sure you always add a link when you post, so to drive traffic and to make sure Google adds your content to its search engine.

Step 3. Is to also focus on Offline Advertising with business car signage and window signage and promotional t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs from EmbroidMe!

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Why Social Media Marketing is Crucial for your Business

Today’s post is dedicated to the importance of using Social Media for Business. Here at EmbroidMe we have embraced this new social wave and technology as we understand how important it is to connect with our customers and industry market. It’s easy to lose sight of the reason that you started to use social media, so today we’re going to remind you why it’s so very important for your business success. Social media is all about conversation, interaction and selling through a content network or community.

The old school method of selling through one-way advertising is becoming extinct. If you don’t learn how to network now, you’ll find the more prominent social media becomes, the less your business is able to keep up with tech-savvy competitors. Here are some reasons to push on with your social media campaign.

#1: Rapid Growth Through Brand Loyalty

Before social media rose to power, only businesses with real capital would have any chance of developing and growing a popular brand. Social media has made it possible for any enterprising small business, to make an impact in their market. With the right balance of promotion and interaction – a small brand can become a huge name in an unimaginably short amount of time.
Social media makes building brand loyalty easier, faster and more affordable. Small businesses are no longer required to spend thousands of dollars on television, radio and print advertising. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, give your business the power to grow right now. You get to reach the right people, at the right time with a tailor made marketing message.

#2: A Larger Customer Base Than Ever Before

Social media is all about sharing across borders, without boundaries or physical limitations. You can now expand your customer base far beyond anything previously possible. For example – a small, local restaurant is able to attract tourists, and people all over their State – instead of just their local clientele.
The are a hundred different ways to reach out to your global fanbase – using content, images, advertising, video, podcasts, apps and many other forms of new social technology. Because of your streamlined marketing messages, you’ll only attract people that are genuinely interested in your business. Convert these people into loyal customers and watch your business take off.

#3: Intelligent DIY Networking and Promotion

Social media encourages the sharing of information, which has led to a boom in quality content online. If you don’t know something, you can learn it from other businesses, or business people. Savvy businesses use social media to connect with industry leaders, to learn and grow their companies in new directions.
There is no such thing as being a lone business person anymore. You have a world full of knowledge at your fingertips, with a limitless number of ways that you can develop, expand or enrich your business – and your skills as a business owner. Connect and share with like-minded people to make the most of your opportunities online. There’s always someone willing to help!

#4: Social Media is Evolution

Social media is the next step in marketing for businesses. Do you remember when the television first came out? It changed the business world forever. Social media has done the same. To ignore it, would mean that you are ignoring your chance to capitalize on something that’s going to eventually become the dominant method of promoting and advertising your business anyway. Don’t ignore it!

These 4 reasons are why you should continue with your social media campaign. It’s the most important thing you’ll ever learn to do. Article source:

Why do you think social media is important for businesses? Tell us below!

Here at EmbroidMe, we can show you samples and help you find the best apparel and promotional products to meet your needs.

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