Things to consider when investing in staff uniforms

Between the warmer temperatures and freedom of holiday breaks from work and school, brick and mortar businesses notice an increase in foot traffic during these summer months. Other industries also observe a pre-Christmas business serge which welcome new customers into the database. Their lasting impression and experience with a business could be the difference between a one-off customer and one who returns. First impressions count and staff uniform appearance can be the difference between a professional first impression and one that’s not.

Staff uniforms must serve a dual purpose of functionality and professionalism so staff are comfortable and their job is not restricted, and appearance is top-notch.

Below are three things to consider when looking for a staff uniform for the summer.

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Consider Your Industry

When thinking about the uniforms or apparel requirements of your business take what type of work you are doing into consideration when purchasing. Working in different environments will naturally impact on the type of products required. If you’re unsure it’s best to speak with your local EmbroidMe store about options best suited for your business. Working in the outdoors, food industry, and flammable areas will each require different products in their own right.

Consider the Product Specifications

With a wealth of products available choice can quickly become overwhelming and deciphering the product codes can become confusing. Products have different feature ratings such as breathability and longevity so you’ll want to get this right to obtain the ‘perfect fit’ for your organisation.

Consider the Branding

Your industry and business will impact the type of uniform branding your organisation requires. For example, hospitality may require a high quality embroidered logo on the left chest to be easily recognised, while tradesmen might require a name, role, business logo on both the front and back of each garment so they’re easily identifiable.

EmbroidMe doesn’t only brand shirts but can supply them too, and often at a competitive rate! EmbroidMe is a network of branding solution companies specialising in branded clothing and promotional products. In fact, we’re New Zealand’s largest branded apparel group so we’re confident that we’ll be able to find the best solution for your business to Get Noticed.

For further advice on sourcing the right staff uniform talk to our team today and consider the points above before making your next purchase.

Logo Embroidery and Screen Printing Buying Tips


Logo Embroidery tipsLogo Embroidery tipsLogo Embroidery tipsLogo Embroidery tips

Logo Embroidery

Logo Embroidery Design

Following the tips below can help assure the artwork you provide will achieve the dynamic results you want when your logo embroidery and screenprinted on your branded clothing. It can also help increase the efficiency and quality of the decorating process. Art that is “ready” for use is provided in an electronic file that can be used for pre-press and printing without making modifications. Below are a number of important considerations and tips to help get your art ready for decorating.

Acceptable Artwork Formats

Art may be provided in any of the following formats. Please note the modifications that may need to be made it order to make each format ready for decorating.

For all three formats, proper resolution is critical for clean results.

The standard resolution for printed artwork is 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Mechanical artwork

The traditional standard for acceptable mechanical artwork is “camera-ready black and white.” Mechanical artwork can be supplied on a sheet of white paper or bromide, and should be no larger than 8.5″ x 11″.

Hand-drawn artwork
A logo embroidery that’s been drawn by hand is a great starting point, but it will need to be digitized and modified for practical use.

Digital artwork
Images created in Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint are preferred over mechanical and hand-drawn artwork for quality of the end result and efficiency. However, digital artwork may still require modification and/or preparation for the decorating process.

File suffixes: If your digital artwork file ends with any of these suffixes, it can be used to properly prepare your art: .bmp, .eps, .gif, .pct, .pdf, .tiff

Proofs: Any time you supply digital artwork, be sure to include a printed proof for reference.

Disk formats: When providing your artwork on disk, it is best to use one of these more standard disk formats: CD-Rom, 100-megabyte Zip, or regular floppy. 250-megabyte Zip, Jazz drive disks, and Syquest disks are also acceptable.

E-mailed art: When sending your artwork via e-mail, be sure to provide all of the basic elements, including:
– fonts
– layers
– paths

Unacceptable Artwork Formats
Artwork provided in the following forms, or similar forms, will not be able to be modified into ready art… therefore delivering extremely poor results when translated into decoration for a garment:
– on a fax sheet
– scanned into a computer
– on a business card
– on a printed promotional item such as a napkin or matchbook cover

Logo embroidery Placement
Consider these lesser-used, but highly-noticeable garment locations for a unique logo embroidery/artwork placement.

Logo Embroidery

Logo Embroidery

Estimating Stitch Count
Here is an easy way to estimate the amount of stitches you’ll need for great looking logo embroiderys.
– Print out the grid below
– Cut out your artwork and place it over the grid
– Count the number of boxes it fills, then find that number in the chart
– If your design goes outside the grid, estimate the extra grid space you need and add it to your original total.

Other Points to Remember when Estimating a Stitch Count
– 1 solid square inch of embroidery equals approximately 2,000 stitches.
– 1 solid square 1/4 inch of embroidery will equal about 125 stitches.
– No letter should be smaller than 3/16″ each letter 1/4″ in height equals about 100 stitches.
– Drop shadows in your logo embroidery will translate to 200 extra stitches per inch.
– Straight lines under logo embroiderys typically require 200 extra stitches per inch.
– Fabrics, colors, and artwork detail will affect the amount of stitches.

It is important to remember that these stitch-count tips, and the stitch-count grid, provide estimates only. They are a good starting point to arrive at a ballpark count, but the precise figure can only be determined when the actual embroidery of your design is performed.

Logo Embroidery stich

Note: Due to differences in computers and printers, the size of the grid may be distorted when you print it out. Be sure to check that 1-inch squares actually measure 1 inch on your printout (do the same for 1/4-inch squares). If such a size distortion occurs, you can scale your printout of the grid to a more accurate size using a photocopier.

Screen Printing tips

It’s important to remember that every color you want used in your artwork means another screen to create, set-up, and print through. The costs connected with these screens depend on the techniques used.

It’s always beneficial to print more items than less because of the set-up charges involved. If in doubt about the final quantity of screenprinted items you’ll need, it’s often more economical to order more than you think will be required.

Every color has an associated cost; different colors have different chemical make-ups, which make them more or less expensive than others.

Drop shadows, shading and anything that blends from light to dark will probably end up looking like a series of dots and should be avoided. (This does not apply to single-color halftone gradients).

Most likely, the following special requirements will add to your screenprinting costs:

– If you need your screenprinting to match an exact color, requiring inks be custom-mixed to achieve that PMS color
– The process that allows colors to show correctly on dark goods
– Additional locations on a garment
– Special (not the normal) logo embroidery locations

t shirt size selection

The following guidelines can help you streamline your buying and, therefore, boost your profits.

Buying for Men: Any style listed as Adult are sized for men. Adult Golf-cut styles generally offer a better fit for beefier male builds.

Buying for Ladies: Styles listed as Ladies’ are women’s sizes. If the women on your team prefer a Men’s or Adult style, select one size smaller than what they would wear in Ladies’ sizes.

Buying for Groups: Use the charts below for a general percentage to help you determine how many shirts in each size you need when buying for a group.

To calculate your buying quantities by size, simply multiply the number of people in your group by the percentage in the chart for each size.

size selection tips

These are general guidelines only and should only be used as a starting point for determining necessary quantities. Your group sizes may vary greatly. Article source:

EmbroidMe Dunedin Your Embroidery and Screen Printing Experts

EmbroidMe DunedinEmbroidMe Dunedin are your Embroidery and Printed Clothing Specialists.

We source and supply a large range of quality clothing, uniforms and apparel through our worldwide network of suppliers. Along with supplying quality apparel, we use the latest embroidery and screen-printing technology. Ideal to help promote your brand it in a multitude of ways depending on your requirements. We are located in central Dunedin at 162 Princes Street and we service all the surrounding towns and area. Call us today for expert advice! Phone 03 477 7057 or visit

All our Embroidery Services are carried out in-house on our modern Tajima machines

With computer generated images meaning accuracy and clarity for your logo.  You also have the option of digital heatpress, vinyl heatpress, dye-sublimation and screenprinting.

Exciting times ahead at EmbroidMe with our suppliers answering the call for more fashion-forward garments to keep your staff and sports groups looking sharp while wearing your brand.  Most suppliers have got new catalogues out so feel free to have a browse through and request a quote via our online quoting facility.  OR  Give us a call and we can come to you with recommendations based on our experience in the industry.

As well as apparel we also carry an extensive range of promotional products.

Samples available for viewing in our showroom or in our online catalogues.  If you have a target market you want to reach or need to keep within a budget (or are simply curious about what is out there) get in touch and we can hook you up with the right product on the day.  Choose from pens, calculators, compendiums, bags, confectionery, keyrings, corporate ware, golf gadgets, torches, tools, flash drives, travel mugs, notebooks, teddy-bears, lanyards or maybe even a pair of jandals.

If you want to receive updates about in-store promotions this year then feel free to request to be added to our online newsletter mailing list and receive a monthly update on what’s happening in the big world of branded apparel and promotional items.

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EmbroidMe Services : T-shirt and Garment Screen Printing

Garment Printing is the most in-demand design option that companies look for when they are putting together an apparel branding program.

That’s because direct-to-garment and screen printing are very cost effective alternatives, with many options for making each project special. Direct garment printing merges the ink from image directly to the fabric without adding extra texture on top of the fabric… so your item maintains is original feel and is smooth to the touch.

This is the best choice if you don’t require light inks printed on dark fabrics. With garment printing you can personalize a t-shirt with a high-quality photo image that’s printed directly onto the fabric or you can include a special graphic that’s printed right onto a shirt, blanket, towel, or bag. Direct garment printing is water-based and eco-friendly.

Supplier Feature – BizCollection Business Shirts

With a complete selection of business shirts, tees, biz separates, knitwear, poly fleece, hospitality, jackets, leisure basics, health and beauty and workwear you can rest assured EmbroidMe can look after your requirements for branded apparel.

All the EmbroidMe Stores supply the BizCollection Clothing Range.
The cold, wet days are upon us, so make sure you contact your local EmbroidMe Store to ask about our winter selection for jackets, vests, polar fleeces, sweatshirts and pullovers.

S118LL – Ladies Luxe Long Sleeve Premium Cotton Shirt

  • 100% Cotton mini herringbone fabric
  • Premium treatment for softness and easy care
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  • Colours: White and Blue 

EmbroidMe Stores FREEPHONE: 0800 77 33 30

S117LL – Ladies Long Sleeve Epaulette Shirt

  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Poplin fabric
  • Twin chest flap pockets
  • Fully functional shoulder epaulettes
  • SIZES: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
  • Colours: Blue, White, Black 

EmbroidMe Stores FREEPHONE: 0800 77 33 30

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