Things to consider when investing in staff uniforms

Between the warmer temperatures and freedom of holiday breaks from work and school, brick and mortar businesses notice an increase in foot traffic during these summer months. Other industries also observe a pre-Christmas business serge which welcome new customers into the database. Their lasting impression and experience with a business could be the difference between a one-off customer and one who returns. First impressions count and staff uniform appearance can be the difference between a professional first impression and one that’s not.

Staff uniforms must serve a dual purpose of functionality and professionalism so staff are comfortable and their job is not restricted, and appearance is top-notch.

Below are three things to consider when looking for a staff uniform for the summer.

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Consider Your Industry

When thinking about the uniforms or apparel requirements of your business take what type of work you are doing into consideration when purchasing. Working in different environments will naturally impact on the type of products required. If you’re unsure it’s best to speak with your local EmbroidMe store about options best suited for your business. Working in the outdoors, food industry, and flammable areas will each require different products in their own right.

Consider the Product Specifications

With a wealth of products available choice can quickly become overwhelming and deciphering the product codes can become confusing. Products have different feature ratings such as breathability and longevity so you’ll want to get this right to obtain the ‘perfect fit’ for your organisation.

Consider the Branding

Your industry and business will impact the type of uniform branding your organisation requires. For example, hospitality may require a high quality embroidered logo on the left chest to be easily recognised, while tradesmen might require a name, role, business logo on both the front and back of each garment so they’re easily identifiable.

EmbroidMe doesn’t only brand shirts but can supply them too, and often at a competitive rate! EmbroidMe is a network of branding solution companies specialising in branded clothing and promotional products. In fact, we’re New Zealand’s largest branded apparel group so we’re confident that we’ll be able to find the best solution for your business to Get Noticed.

For further advice on sourcing the right staff uniform talk to our team today and consider the points above before making your next purchase.

Workwear Promotion

Health and safety laws are being discussed in parliament and will likely bring changes to legislation, so our focus over August and September is all about workwear. Workwear includes more than hi vis, in fact it incorporates retail, hospitality, and trades uniforms. Staff must be comfortable while at work and they require a uniform that perfectly caters for the industry they are in.

Give us a call today to discuss different workwear options to suit your business. Furthermore when you call us, ask about our special workwear offer as you may be eligible!

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Workwear, More Than Hi-Vis Clothing

Workwear is often closely associated with hi-vis clothing and while this is true it does not encompass the breadth of clothing options available for various business industries. Workwear clothing ranges from retail, hospitality, and trades people uniforms, to heavy duty construction apparel and clothing for workers in the great outdoors. Staff need to be comfortable while looking professional, so it’s important to get clothing that’s both functional and smart. With such a range of available products the choices can be overwhelming so this article separates workwear into three categories to help with the decision making process.

3 Group ShotSmart Casual Workwear

Many industries require durable, professional, and high quality team uniforms that staff can wear while at work. This is essential for hospitality staff working in restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues such as cinemas. Team uniforms can include shirts, aprons, caps, pants, vests, jackets, and much more.

Smart casual workwear is also ideal for the other services including couriers, cleaners, and other specialist technicians. Across the range of products available we have a style that is perfect for your brand and team.

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2 ZW120_ZW121_wornTrades Workwear

The trades industry has high demand on uniforms as staff often navigate confined spaces, operate in dirty environments, and also need to look professional when greeting clients. Each clothing range has different styles, sizing, and colours so is important to get the combination right. We have products that are perfect for builders, electricians, and plumbers. We have a showroom full of garments we welcome you to come in a view.

Warehouse staff and outdoor workers can also have the same demands on staff uniforms as they operate in varying environments and climates. Warehouses can get incredibly cold in winter and hot in summer, so staff require a uniform that caters for both extremes. This is the same for yardmen, school caretakers, and gardeners. Uniforms and outdoor workwear apparel must be easily customised to reflect the weather.

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1 ZW123_YellowNavy_wornConstruction Workwear

Construction workwear is more specialist as it must meet stringent health and safety requirements for specific applications. Road worker apparel have different requirements to those operating heavy machinery. Hi vis clothing can include jackets, vests, shirts, polos, and pants, making the apparel options numerous. Health and safety laws are being discussed in parliament and this will likely bring legislation changes. Ensure staff are seen, safe, and compliant. We supply and brand a wealth of different health and safety and hi vis clothing options, so speak to your local EmbroidMe team to discuss options. Construction apparel can be highly durable, waterproof, comfortable, and easily seen. This is vital for operators of heavy machinery including trucks, forklifts, and earthmoving machinery, as they work in the changing climates. Whether working in the cold of winter, the rain of spring, or the heat of summer, there are workwear apparel products suitable for your business!

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Get the Most from Your Marketing Spend ~ Branding Apparel, Uniforms, and Promotional Products

The word Brand under a magnifying glass illustrating marketing aBuild your brand

When considering branding it’s easy to immediately think of large multi-national businesses. These businesses would have spent many years and dollars to become recognised in the marketplace for a particular product or service. It may seem like any small to medium enterprise (SME) wanting a strong brand must spend exorbitant capital to achieve this however this isn’t the case.

It can be natural for SME’s to disregard the need to build a brand as customer service and daily tasks can be more pressing. No matter what industry a business operates in, or its size, a reputable brand can achieve business growth as the company will be known in the industry and among its target audience.

It’s important to be realistic when building a brand and accommodate for the stage a business is in. It would be unreasonable for a start-up to try achieve the same level of branding as an international business that’s been operating for a century. That said, there are some fundamental branding principals that every business should consider as all organisations need to be actively marketing and seen in the marketplace.

Branded apparel, uniforms, and promotional products are easy and cost effective methods to build brand recognition among customers and prospects, and is a proven marketing method.

From a client’s perspective how do your staff present themselves? Cafes that don’t have a uniform, even just the same styled branded shirt, give a different impression than a team in professionally branded uniform apparel. Same can be said for trade’s people arriving on-site without any form of branding or company representation. A clearly visible brand gives credibility.

What makes a strong brand?


A brand is more than just a logo on a letterhead. Strong brands are consistent, and are uniform across all business collateral. This is the same for staff appearance. By having a consistent uniform across staff, sports teams, or in retail and hospitality businesses it displays your organisation as professional.


Products have different life expectancies and some materials last longer than others. Does your branded apparel, uniforms, business shirts, jackets, or hi-vis clothing look tired, faded, or well-worn? Uniforms represent your business and speak volumes about your brand. EmbroidMe supplies and brands top quality apparel, uniforms, clothing, and promotional products so that your brand will be noticed and professional.


A small logo on a letterhead or in the office’s reception alone doesn’t build a strong and credible brand. A brand needs to be seen. Brands need to be clear and visible. When it comes to branding careful consideration should be taken to think about style, design, and colours. EmbroidMe supplies a huge range of products in various styles, colours, and designs, so that branded apparel and uniforms builds your brand.

Across April and May EmbroidMe are offering a free branding consultation to assist organisations get the most from their marketing spend and build a strong brand. Better yet, each consultation meeting goes into the draw to win $150 store credit to help get them started!

This branding consultation provides an opportunity to explore marketing objectives, specifically on branded apparel, uniforms, and promotional products, and find the best branding options for the business.

EmbroidMe have years of branding experience and have partnered with many organisations to help them achieve their marketing goals and branding requirements.

EmbroidMe can bring product samples to you and advice on what best practices for your business.  Invest time in a branding meeting this April and May and let us partner with you to develop the best branding solution possible.

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Do you wear High Visibility Polo shirts or Fluoro work wear?

safety wear clothingEmbroidMe is one of the largest computerised embroidery for apparel franchises in the world with over 300 locations in 10 countries.

Are you in-line with the new High Visibility standards? Do you wear High Visibility Polo shirts or Fluoro work wear? Then this new high visibility standard affects you. Many High Visibility shirts will no longer be compliant as of 31/08/2012, so how can you be sure that your work wear is still safe? Check with your local EmbroidMe store to confirm if it meets the new standards. The principal change from old the version of this standard is the more rigorous specification in the amount of high visibility material required on a garment for daytime visibility. 3 things you need to know to keep you safe! Read More…

3 things you need to know to keep you safe!

1. Is your work wear compliant to AS/NZS 4602.1:2011? This standard relates to the design of the garment and specifically the amount of high visibility material on the front and back of your gear. Check the garment labels to see if it is compliant to the new standard AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 for high visibility safety garments.

2. Is the Fluoro colour compliant to AS/NZS 1906.4? This standard relates to the specific colour and material of your work gear.

3. Are you sun safe? Does your work wear comply with AS/NZS 4399 standard for sun protective clothing? Check with your EmbroidMe store on the UV rating of the garments.

Here in New Zealand the first EmbroidMe Store was opened in 2006 and to date we have seven EmbroidMe Stores providing professional embroidery services throughout the country.

safety clothing embroidme

New AS/NZS standard: high visibility safety garments

The new Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 High visibility safety garments — Garments for high risk applications supersedes the 1999 standard and does not have any reference to particular types and styles. This has been done so as to give the designer as much flexibility as possible in selecting a suitable garment design to meet different needs as regards weather conditions, type of work, and to be innovative in devising means of encouraging users to wear the garments properly.

The new standard calls for garments to have an unbroken area of fluorescent fabric across the torso, and although the total area of fluorescent fabric is the same as the previous standard, no non-fluorescent fabrics or design features can cut across the torso area. The fluorescent fabric must be used right round the chest area, covering an area of 0.2 square metres at both front and back when measured from shoulder to waist.

The new standard also recommends the use of extra reflective tape on high visibility areas such as wrist, elbow, knee and ankle, because it makes it easier for drivers to distinguish wearers where there are also reflective surfaces on road cones and signs. The new Standard is intended for situations where visibility is critical, usually because of the presence of moving vehicles or machinery. Source: Standards New Zealand. *The new high-visibility standards AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 become effective August, 2012.

All our EmbroidMe Stores are 100% New Zealand owned and operated and know the importance of brand awareness, corporate identity, branded apparel and the importance it has on the business bottom line.

You can order one t-shirt as a gift with personalised embroidery or t shirt printing to hundreds of promotional t-shirts, branded uniforms, caps hats and business clothing.

EmbroidMe business owners and staff are committed to providing exceptional embroidery for apparel and t shirt printing services for each and every customer.

To locate your nearest store to find out more about our winter clothing jackets range, visit:

Here at EmbroidMe, we can show you samples and help you find the best apparel to meet your needs.

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Make the right choice when buying quality workwear

Visitec Workwear Jackets

EmbroidMe offers a comprehensive range of work wear and are suppliers of the leading brands. We supply garments for indoor and specialised outdoor work situations.

EmbroidMe can help you present a professional looking and durable image. All the EmbroidMe stores supply the following brands; Visitec Workwear, Biz Collection, The Source, JB’s wear and Aurora Activewear.

With a complete workwear selection of Shirts, Polos, Shorts, Pants, Overalls, Sweatshirts, Vests, Jackets, Singlets and Accessories you can rest assured EmbroidMe can look after your requirements for branded apparel to promote your business.

Personalisation of Work Wear: Your company can also personalise its employees’ safety workwear and make it as an official work uniform. Personalisation can be done by embroidering the company’s logo on the clothing or having the same workwear color for all employees. By doing this, it is easy to determine the employees who use the clothing outside the company’s premises.

Why not contact your local EmbroidMe Store on our free phone number: 0800 77 33 30 and visit our website

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