Search Engine Marketing, Social Media… What does it mean for your business?

What does Wikipedia say?  Search engine marketing, (SEM), is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion. Search engine optimization (SEO) "optimizes" website content to achieve a higher ranking in search results, for example, by … [Read more...]

QR Codes Create a Buzz on Customised Promotional Products From EmbroidMe

Have you noticed those funny looking square bar codes popping up everywhere? They are called QR (quick response) codes, and they have opened up a whole new realm of marketing possibilities. It's time to get ahead of the game and apply QR embellishments to customised promotional products. A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone camera and transfers information. … [Read more...]

Why Social Media Marketing is Crucial for your Business

Today's post is dedicated to the importance of using Social Media for Business. Here at EmbroidMe we have embraced this new social wave and technology as we understand how important it is to connect with our customers and industry market. It’s easy to lose sight of the reason that you started to use social media, so today we’re going to remind you why it’s so very important for your business … [Read more...]