Hot Branding Tips for Winter – Jackets

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With news headlines reading “No respite from gloomy weather” or “First snow, now black ice hits south” we know that winter is well on its way, or in some places around the country it has very much already arrived! In Turangi (just south of Taupo) the other day they woke up to a chilli -5C, which was the coldest temperature in the country. Even Auckland and Christchurch only had one degree difference!

EmbroidMe: Hot branding tips for winter - Jackets

You may get condensation on the windows at home and have the windscreen frozen-over on your car, or if not, we’ve all experienced the rush of bitterly cold air when you go and open a door to outside! Driving to work can also start out cold as you wait [patiently?] for the heating to work. On days like this motivation to leave the house can quickly fade.

When it comes to winter fashion many people would tell you that the trick to keeping warm is by wearing layers, but that can cause an issue for your companies branding. Business uniforms provide excellent benefits for your business (read our previous post), but in winter the company logos and brands frequently get hidden behind non-branded jackets. Branded jackets give credibility to staff in the same way a branded shirt does, and including a branded jacket in your uniform dress-code means staff and team members will take the brand with them wherever they go. says that branding is your identity in the marketplace and that it’s important to realise that how you package your brand is an integral part of your business. Just by looking out into the world today, it’s easy to see why brands are more important than at any time in the past 100 years.

A good brand confirms credibility, and reassures customers that the plumber, builder, or any type of tradesman or delivery person that turns up to their house is actually from the company they called. But it’s not limited to that. Sports teams and coaches are easily seen, professionals are identifiable in meetings, event staff and road-workers are visible, salesmen gain credibility, and ultimately everyone is kept warm. Don’t only provide your staff or team with a uniform to promote your brand, invest in jackets to ensure that your brand isn’t hidden.

“Therefore it makes sense to understand that branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.”

– (

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EmbroidMe: Hot Branding Tips for Winter - Jackets

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In a highly competitive market place we all need to make sure the people who count know who you are and crucially, remember you when it’s time to place that all important order. Promotional products and gifts offer the opportunity to show clients that you value them and their business whilst promoting your own. This may vary from a pen, stress ball, golf umbrella, to a desk diary or briefcase. Our passion is embroidery and screen printing!

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EmbroidMe Auckland City West Scoops Coveted Embroidery award in Australia

At the recent United Franchise Group Expo held in Melbourne, during October, the team at EmbroidMe Auckland City West were awarded the coveted “Branding Award” for embroidery decoration.

Competing against EmbroidMe colleagues from both New Zealand & Australia we were honoured to be chosen for our work on the “Tu Kaha” design for our Auckland based client.

The design (pictured below left) measuring 250mm wide and 190mm high with over 100K stitches was applied to the back of Membership Jackets for a Auckland based Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club.

The team at EmbroidMe Auckland City West is often called upon to embroider very intricate work and larger display pieces and we were particularly pleased to have our work acknowledged by our peers and fellow franchisees at the Expo.

Roger Masters, Owner of EmbroidMe City West, said: “The bar has been set for the next award, which will not be given out for another two years, and we will be working hard to not only maintain but to improve the quality of our output and also to be recognized for our excellent customer service.”

At the same event Roger was also presented with two “Sales Awards”, something he credits the whole team at EmbroidMe City West for.

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