Common Misconceptions about Promotional Products

There are a lot of misconceptions about promotional marketing and promotional products that can scare of SMBs that are new to this form of marketing. Allow us to set the record straight on these common myths: People Just Throw Them Out Everyone has received some kind of item branded with a company’s logo and/or an organization’s message. A lot of people try to argue that these items are … [Read more...]

A must for the Kiwi family is the Cooler Bag!

Today's post is about our range of quality Cooler Bags and Accessories from our Supplier, Ideal for the BBQ at friends. Keeping your food and drink cool for the beach with the kids and to carry all your goodies for an afternoon in the sun! Summer stock is now here! Cooler Bag Range is all about quality, value and style. Cooler bags that will last, look … [Read more...]