The New Year and clothing for back to work!

As our first post of the new year, we would like to wish all our customers, suppliers and readers an excellent 2012. We look forward to continuing to share lots of information about our New Zealand Showrooms, our embroidery services and our large choice of products.

For 2012 we have 7 EmbroidMe Showrooms including four showrooms in Auckland: Albany, Auckland City West, Newmarket and East Tamaki. We have two showrooms in the central North Island: Hamilton and Rotorua and our Dunedin showroom in the South Island.

The New Year is an ideal time to sort out your wardrobe so you can start back at work looking great!  All our EmbroidMe Showrooms have an excellent range of clothing for the ladies and the men with your budget in mind.

Here is a selection from our supplier BIZ Corporates for their 2012 womens and mens business shirts range.

“Here at EmbroidMe, we can show you samples and help you find the best apparel to meet your needs.

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How to choose the right business shirts and uniforms

When you visit an EmbroidMe Showroom wanting a business shirt or uniform, you’ll probably hear us ask you a series of questions like:

  • “What kind of dress shirt do you need?”
  • “Is it a casual shirt?”
  • “Or more of a work shirt for technicians or repair teams?”
  • “Something for trade show attire or fixing a tyre?”
  • “More formal dress shirt or a fashion garment?”
  • “Is it for primarily men or women or both?”
  • “Do you want something solid or with a weave or a check or a stripe?”
  • “Do you want it to have lots of pockets, or none at all?”

We ask these questions for several reasons. We have a large selection of dress shirts, business shirts and shirt styles for company uniforms and work shirts. We offer a great selection of materials and fabrics to give you quality garments that will last. Here are some tips that will help you understand what makes a great woven shirt decision.

1. First, think of how the business shirt or uniform will be used. Where it will be worn? The climate, the utility. What special features do you need? Stain resistance or wrinkle resistance, heavy duty or light weight? How will it be laundered – dry cleaned or home laundry? That helps us narrow the search.

2. There are many different types of fabrics. All cotton? A blend? Lightweight dress shirt? A sturdier oxford? A silky dress shirt? The look and feel is very important in your decision.

3. There are good, better and best choices in virtually every category of shirt. What is your targeted budget? Are you outfitting executives, or want to make a prestigious impression with your look? Or do you just need the basics? Or a value shirt? We have a wide selection of choices in each price point, depending on what you have in mind… everything from designer brands you’d find in department stores to best buy brands crafted by many of the same manufacturers as the designer brands, but for less. We have both, plus mid-level offerings depending on your situation.

4. Look for cuffs and collars that are fused. Want your uniforms to last longer? And not be “closet advertising “ – where it ends up in the closet and not worn? Then choose woven shirts with fused collars and cuffs – with reinforced, ironed-in stiffeners that won’t buckle when you wash then or press them. Not all wovens have this.

5. Will it be worn by men and women? If you’re outfitting women in a dress shirt, they don’t want to wear a man’s shirt. You need a female companion piece. Also, women tend to prefer spread collars rather than button downs. And women also prefer no pockets on their garments that might call attention to the bust line. Knowing your needs will allow us to help you make the best choice for your wearers.

6. Range of sizes you have to fit… take the largest person and the smallest person in your group. That’s your range of sizes. Need talls? Extra smalls? We can get them, but we’ll have to know.

7. Brand conscious… or a value item? Some folks like a designer brands like James Harvest. But there are also value brands like Hanes and many more. All the brands that we carry are made by world known manufacturers and with the very same materials and quality brands like high street designer brands but for far less.

8. How will the shirts be embroidered? Are their multiple logos or messages? Pop in to one of our Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua and Dunedin showrooms with your logo and we will show you what we can provide. We might even suggest multiple location imprints like cuffs, collars and the back of the shirt, which all get great visibility.

Here at EmbroidMe, we can show you samples and help you find the best shirts to meet your needs.

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