Using Promotional Products as a Form of Goodwill

52% of people do buisness with a company after receiving a promotional product! Are you looking to create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers, and potential future customers? It's time to invest in some promotional products. Previously we looked at how promotional products serve as a secondary business card. If you leave customers with an item they can use every day that has … [Read more...]

Common Misconceptions about Promotional Products

There are a lot of misconceptions about promotional marketing and promotional products that can scare of SMBs that are new to this form of marketing. Allow us to set the record straight on these common myths: People Just Throw Them Out Everyone has received some kind of item branded with a company’s logo and/or an organization’s message. A lot of people try to argue that these items are … [Read more...]

How Promotional Items Can Benefit Your Business

Effective marketing is about using a combination of cost effective advertising, building a fan base and finding ways to remind your audience who you are, what you do and where you are. Imprinted promotional items like key rings, coffee mugs and pens might seem like little things, but they can bring huge brand recognition to your company. The marketing impact of promo products is limited only by … [Read more...]