How Promotional Items Can Benefit Your Business

Effective marketing is about using a combination of cost effective advertising, building a fan base and finding ways to remind your audience who you are, what you do and where you are.

Imprinted promotional items like key rings, coffee mugs and pens might seem like little things, but they can bring huge brand recognition to your company. The marketing impact of promo products is limited only by the imagination of the advertiser. Promotional items have the power to permanently impress a company’s brand on the minds of consumers, and that is priceless.

The trick is to find promotional items that suit your company’s niche. For example, a salon that provides skincare services might give away imprinted silk bathrobes. The client who receives such a gift will renew memories of her restful spa visit each time the robe is worn, and the spa’s imprinted logo remains an ever-present reminder of a company that cares.

A business that typically projects a masculine persona might consider promotional items with a flair for sports. Imprinted shirts, jackets, caps, or blankets can be a warm and welcome keepsake on a cold football field. Sports apparel provides the perfect opportunity to push a company’s brand to a stadium full of spectators for many seasons. That kind of longevity can add up to massive brand exposure.

Healthcare is a concern for everyone, and health-related promotional items are always in demand. For example, imprinted hand sanitizer would make a popular giveaway at a tradeshow, convention, or anywhere people are gathered in crowds. Each time hands are sanitised, users see the imprinted logo, and remember the company that provided a small but significant expression of good health.

Promotional T-shirts may seem like a cliché, but a catchy logo design or slogan imprinted on a T-shirt can easily capture the attention of consumers. The lasting popularity of an imprinted T-shirt provides multiple opportunities to reinforce your company’s brand. T-shirts imprinted with a statement that clients can really believe in will be worn proudly, and for many years to come.

One of the most innovative uses for imprinted promotional items today is the QR code, or Quick Response code. It is an updated version of the barcode that can be utilised by smartphone users to access additional product information. Imagine imprinting QR codes on promo items like coffee mugs, T-shirts or calendars. Users could interact with the codes to get discounts, play games, read reviews, or simply learn more about your company and what it has to offer.

Another current trend for promotional items is to go “green.” Eco-friendly gifts make a positive impression of a globally conscious company that values the environment. Durable and recyclable imprinted items can include shopping totes, warm/cool bags, solar powered fans, or reusable water bottles. Provided the items are recyclable, your business can imprint its logo alongside the universal recycling icon for more impact.

Promo products need not be thought of as cheap little giveaways. Imprinted promotional products have tremendous branding muscle when paired with the right marketing strategy. Choose promotional items that match your business niche to help reinforce and enhance your brand identity. Article source:

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