Cold Weather Apparel

Are you looking for clothing to keep you warm?

Water proof-breathable fabric has become very popular in the area of protective clothing and sportswear in cold weather. For these materials, the protection level against water is known to have an inverse relationship with the vapour permeability, or breathability.

In other words, textile material of more open structure would show high air permeability and low water resistance, while that of compact structure would show opposite characteristics.

There are three types of waterproof fabrics including impermeable fabrics that prevent all permeation of aerosols, liquids, vapours and gases. Another is water repellent fabrics that repel splash of liquids and permeate gas or vapour.

The other is water-proof/breathable fabrics which can prevent liquid phases and permeate gas or vapours.

For water-proof breathable clothing

Both the water resistance and the vapour transmission are very important for user comfort. The water resistant fabric with low vapour transmission would build up humidity and sweat under the garment very quickly, possibly causing the hyperthermia.

Hence, there is need of developing a waterproof-breathable fabric that can block water while exhibiting a certain level of vapour/permeability.

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