How do I get my Business Noticed? – Get Noticed With EmbroidMe

Getting noticed can prove to be difficult in today’s market which is saturated with companies advertising. Consumers are bombarded with business brands, logos, and various advertisements as they all want to be seen.

get noticed with embroidme

The question is how do you get your business to stand out in such an environment? How do you get your brand noticed over others in the market so that when consumers want the service you provide, they go to you? To ‘advertise’ you don’t need to run expensive TV advertising campaigns, what you need is a strategy.

Strategies may include something as simple as giving out free promotional products to prospective and current clients. People are unlikely to throw out a free pen especially if it’s a nice one, so there is a high chance of them keeping it. If they keep it then it might prompt a thought at a later date where they want something you offer and it provides them with a way to contact you.

Here are five facts that may change your thoughts on promotional products!

  1. 84% of recipients of promotional items can identify the advertiser. No other advertising medium provides anywhere close to the name recognition associated with advertising specialties.
  2. 42% of recipients of promotional items have a more favourable impression of the advertiser. Well of course they do! You just gave them something practical that they’ll use for a long time to come… for FREE.
  3. 62% of recipients of promotional items did business with the advertiser after receiving an item. Who can name the last time an ad in a newspaper brought 62% of the readers to their doorstep?
  4. The average promotional item is kept for 7 months. That’s a lot of face time with your message, logo, and brand.
  5. The average cost per impression (the number of times that a prospect will view your ad) is just $0.004 for promotional items. Compared with newspapers ($.02) and magazines ($.04), your cost savings are significant. That’s a savings of $160.00 (newspaper), and $360.00 (magazine) for every 10,000 impressions, with better proven results.

These five points show that although promotional products can seem a small and insignificant way to promote your business, they are actually a very effective form of advertising. This method of promotion has been around for many years, is tried and proven, and hasn’t declined in popularity like other marketing methods.

When you’re thinking about different ways to market your products or services, don’t overlook the simple yet effective idea of using promotional products in your strategy. We have a great range of promotional products so get in touch with your closest store to find out more. We want to be your promotional partner to help you get noticed!

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