All You Need To Know About Apparel, Uniforms and Branded Products

Consider Your Industry
When thinking about the uniforms or apparel requirements of your business, take what type of work you are doing into consideration.

For example, are you doing manual labour outdoors?  Are you working in tight areas?  Are there regulatory considerations to factor in?  Are you working in the food industry or in areas with flammable materials?

Answering all of these questions will help to determine the right garment for you and your staff.


Cheapest Is Not Always Best
When considering a promotional product purchase, remember that cheapest is not always best.  In fact, it rarely is.

Say you were considering the purchase of some promotional pens to give away to some of your VIP clients.  Faced with the choice of a basic biro for, say, $1.50 or a more premium option at $3.00, which would you choose?

The cheaper one, right?  Not necessarily so!

Remember – the last thing that a client sees as they throw a faulty promotional pen into the bin is what?  YOUR LOGO!


One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Unfortunately a Size 10 isn’t the same everywhere you go.  And we don’t mean from country to country, we mean from local brand to local brand.

Each of our major stocked brands will have slight differences in their sizing, so the best thing for you and your staff to do is to visit our showroom and try on the polo shirt or business shirt to ensure that you get the right size for you.

Most of our catalogs will have a sizing chart inside that will help guide your decisions.  Our helpful staff will also be able to guide you through the process of getting the right uniform size.

Cotton Shrinkage
While most cotton garments are pre-shrunk in the production process, you should still allow for up to 3% shrinkage when trying on your uniforms, polo shirts and trousers.

To Screen Print or Not to Screen Print
Screen printing as a general rule becomes more effective the larger the order size.  The cost of the screens, multiplied by the number of colours, added with the number of prints that need to be done to your shirts can be quite expensive if you only have a shirt run of 20 shirts or less (especially for multiple colours).


However there are various options available to you:

* Vinyl Transfers – digitally printed or computer-cut and available in small runs.
* Direct-to-garment printing – able to print one-offs of photographic images direct onto your polo shirt

Speak to us about your uniform and we can help recommend the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

So Many Promo Products to Choose From!
We know that our extensive list of thousands and thousands of promotional products can be daunting.

Here’s an easy way to narrow down which is the most appropriate promotional product for your business – simply ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Who is the intended end-user of the promotional product or giveaway?
2. Where will they be when they are most in need of my products and services?
3. How can I promote to them when they are in that situation?

Here at EmbroidMe, we can show you samples and help you find the best apparel and promotional products to meet your needs.

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