Things to consider when investing in staff uniforms

Between the warmer temperatures and freedom of holiday breaks from work and school, brick and mortar businesses notice an increase in foot traffic during these summer months. Other industries also observe a pre-Christmas business serge which welcome new customers into the database. Their lasting impression and experience with a business could be the difference between a one-off customer and one … [Read more...]

Workwear Promotion

Health and safety laws are being discussed in parliament and will likely bring changes to legislation, so our focus over August and September is all about workwear. Workwear includes more than hi vis, in fact it incorporates retail, hospitality, and trades uniforms. Staff must be comfortable while at work and they require a uniform that perfectly caters for the industry they are in. Give us a … [Read more...]

Workwear, More Than Hi-Vis Clothing

Workwear is often closely associated with hi-vis clothing and while this is true it does not encompass the breadth of clothing options available for various business industries. Workwear clothing ranges from retail, hospitality, and trades people uniforms, to heavy duty construction apparel and clothing for workers in the great outdoors. Staff need to be comfortable while looking professional, so … [Read more...]

Get the Most from Your Marketing Spend ~ Branding Apparel, Uniforms, and Promotional Products

Build your brand When considering branding it’s easy to immediately think of large multi-national businesses. These businesses would have spent many years and dollars to become recognised in the marketplace for a particular product or service. It may seem like any small to medium enterprise (SME) wanting a strong brand must spend exorbitant capital to achieve this however this isn’t the … [Read more...]

Do you wear High Visibility Polo shirts or Fluoro work wear?

EmbroidMe is one of the largest computerised embroidery for apparel franchises in the world with over 300 locations in 10 countries. Are you in-line with the new High Visibility standards? Do you wear High Visibility Polo shirts or Fluoro work wear? Then this new high visibility standard affects you. Many High Visibility shirts will no longer be compliant as of 31/08/2012, so how can you be sure … [Read more...]

Make the right choice when buying quality workwear

Visitec Workwear JacketsEmbroidMe offers a comprehensive range of work wear and are suppliers of the leading brands. We supply garments for indoor and specialised outdoor work situations.EmbroidMe can help you present a professional looking and durable image. All the EmbroidMe stores supply the following brands; Visitec Workwear, Biz Collection, The Source, JB's wear and Aurora Activewear.With a … [Read more...]