Be a Jack of All Trade Shows With Promotional Products

You worked hard to open your firm or store, and it’s important to get your name out there and build your brand. Attending trade shows is a great way to network, meet and build rapport with potential customers, and display your brand. Make sure your business stands out from your competitors with customised promotional products, logos and apparel. At EmbroidMe, a promotional marketing expert will partner with you to develop a concept designed to get you results from your trade show experience.

Pictured: Wayne from our East Tamaki store attending a recent Trade Show. 

It is easy to get lost in a sea of other vendors, so it’s important that your brand stands out. Grab people’s attention with striking pop-up displays and logoed banners and table skirts. Don’t just rely on name tags; make sure your company is known and each member of your team is identified by placing your brand on any of our high quality apparel. You will always look your best while pitching a prospective client in an embroidered polo, t-shirt or hat with your logo on it.

Don’t be just another company at the show, be an innovator with a unique variety of promotional products. Don’t have any branding imagery? At EmbroidMe we can help design and create the perfect logo for your brand that can be printed on just about any fabric or surface. We can do anything from custom pens to embroidered oxford polos.

Leave a lasting impression with promotional giveaways such as calendars, golf items, mugs and tote bags or drawstring back packs. Everyone can leave with a custom item featuring your brand. Generate new buzz about your company and create future business and networking opportunities.

With our state-of-the-art embroidery, garment and screen printing, we can print or embroider your company name, logo or full-colour photographs on any fabric, creating the look you desire for your company.

Proudly display your brand at your next trade show. Sweep the competitors under the rug at the next cleaning supply show or exterminate them at the next pest control show. Whatever your trade, EmbroidMe is here to ensure your brand is recognized and becomes a household name. Contact your nearest store today to establish and promote your brand the right way.

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Promotional Products generate up to 50% higher consumer recall rate than TV, print and online advertising!

flash drive promotional productsLatest research from PPAI’s reveals that promotional products are the hands-down winner when it comes message recall – generating a 15-50% higher consumer recall rate than TV, print and online advertising!

The first ever in-depth independent national survey into the power of promotional products in the UK questioned businessmen and women about their behavioural trends and preferences for different promotional gifts.

Key findings:

  • Promotional products can deliver a higher or equal ROI than most forms of advertising
  • 66% of respondents said they could remember the brand on the promotional products they received during the last year
  • 79% said they were likely to do business with the company in the future
  • 8 out of 10 (84 per cent) respondents said that a branded promotional gift increases brand awareness
  • Over three quarters (87 per cent) of recipients said they kept a promotional gift for longer than 12 months
  • Over half (56 per cent) of respondents said their opinion of the brand /company was more favourable after receiving the promotional product

Promotional products can deliver higher or equal ROI than most forms of advertising

One of the most significant findings of the survey is that promotional products can deliver a higher ROI than radio and outdoor advertising and a ROI that is equal to TV and print advertising. The cost per impression for a mug is £0.001, a mid-range pen £0.001, a calendar £0.004, a USB stick £0.005 and an umbrella £0.003. With an average cost per impression of £0.003, these figures compare extremely favourably with the cost per impression of other media with TV coming in at £0.008, radio at £0.003 and advertising hoardings at £0.003.

promotional products BPMA survey

New statistics show conclusive link between promotional products, branding and sales.

Stephen Barker, BPMA board director, said: “These figures show that promotional merchandise is a highly cost-effective form of promotion which gives a ROI that is higher or equal to all other forms of media. While radio and advertising hoardings have a relatively comparable cost per impression, they have a higher cost of entry than promotional items, requiring far larger sums to be spent to achieve this cost per impression. With an average cost per impression of £0.003 promotional items achieve a comparable ROI to media requiring a much larger outlay and it enables companies with a modest marketing budget to punch above their weight in terms of the level of exposure achieved.”

The survey also examined how much the respondents opinion changed after receiving a promotional item, giving a measure of how such products can affect feelings, perceptions and buying activity. Over half (56 per cent) of respondents said they felt more favourable towards the brand/company. When asked how much more or less likely they were to do business with the company in the future after receiving the promotional item over three-quarters (79 per cent) said they were more likely. Article source:

Here at EmbroidMe, we can show you samples and help you find the best apparel to meet your needs.

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The importance of branding for a small business

company brandingDo small businesses need a brand?

Yes. As a small business owner branding may be something that you might not consider relevant or important for your business. But actually branding and your company image are certainly a worthy investment.

Just because you can’t compete with the bigger well known brands, doesn’t mean you should avoid creating a brand experience for your customers. If you have a company you instantly have a brand.


Its really down to how you advertise and market your business, that will be the difference between your company surviving, growing and becoming truly successful.

No matter what type of business or size your company is, you may be a one man band or a small team, a plumber, retail shop owner, accountant or even a singer. No matter what your brand image is important.

Its how you promote yourself, your staff and your business image and identity. Branding is also a vehicle of communication portraying your business values to your customers.

How to build your brand:

  • Get your values right with the right messages:

Every company is built on values. A mission and vision for what you do and why you do it. Make sure your values are at the forefront when you are thinking about your brand. This will ensure that you end up with a visual identity that fits with who you are and tells your story.

  • Get a company logo and make your brand visible:

A professional custom logo design is very important. Use a graphic designer and create something unique and professional for your company.

  • A brand is not just a logo:

A professional website design is key for presenting your company. This is your 24 hour shop window for the whole world to see, make sure it looks good, works well and generates leads.

  • Brand Experience:

Brand consistency is key, at every opportunity your customers interact with your business make sure your brand image is clear. You can achieve this through professionally designed and produced branded apparel, signs, printed business stationery, such as business cards, letter heads, packaging, menus, brochures, embroidered uniforms, business shirts, polo shirts, caps, hats, t shirt printing, promotional products, (including promotional pens, tote bags, compendiums and corporate gifts) etc.

Contact EmbroidMe for expert service and advice to help with your company branding for apparel and promotional products. We know the importance of brand awareness and corporate identity and the effect it has on the bottom line. We have a complement of embroidery machines configured to tackle any quantity with the highest quality work from one-off bespoke special gifts to thousands of embroidered logo’s for your business, club, school or team.

Here at EmbroidMe, we can show you samples and help you find the best apparel to meet your needs.

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5 Great Reasons to Contact and Buy from EmbroidMe Today

Throughout New Zealand and the World, EmbroidMe Showrooms provide Custom Embroidery, Printed Apparel and Personalised Promotional Products. Buy from EmbroidMe today!

Five great reasons why to buy from EmbroidMe.

  1. We have hundreds of independently owned and operated locations worldwide, which maximises our buying power. This means SAVINGS for you!
  2. We have Showrooms full of samples for you to try on for size and style.
  3. With just one-stop, we can meet all of your apparel and promotional products requirements.
  4. Every customer is important to us! With no MINIMUMS on apparel we can service customers who require 1 piece or 10,000.
  5. We have FAST turnaround times as we understand the need to get your brand working for you!

EmbroidMe Customers

We supply and specialise in Embroidery and Garment Printing for Apparel and Promotional Products.

We have great looking and the highest quality Polo Shirts, Caps and Hats for all sizes and occasions for work and leisure. The latest workwear clothing for corporates to uniformed staff and trades people. Uniforms for Schools, the workplace and sports teams. Sportswear for your local team and also Mum, Dad and the Kids! T-Shirts in the latest fashions, sizes and colours! Jackets and Vests for winter, summer and all the seasons and climates. Womens wear, Mens wear and Kids wear for all the family. Buy from EmbroidMe and promote your business, club, association or community!

We have an excellent range of Hospitality wear for restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, night clubs and much more. When it comes to thanking your customers, we have thousands of Corporate Gifts, Giftware items, Bags and Promotional Products to suit any special requirement and event.

EmbroidMe March 2012 OfferFREE T-shirts – that’s right. Order 5 t-shirts and and we’ll give you one more for free, order 10 and we’ll give 2 more for free! Order 20 tees and you will get 4 more for FREE. Be quick as this offer is only valid from NOW until the end of March. Conditions may apply.

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Fantastic Embroidery Services and Promotional Products at EmbroidMe Dunedin!

EmbroidMe Dunedin provides embroidery, screen printing, and promotional products for businesses of all sizes. We are ready to help you find the right embroidered shirt, hat or promotional accessory to help you grow your brand or promote your local community. We also offer personalisation for business and consumers looking for customized embroidery. Come into our local showroom and see how EmbroidMe can help you.

EmbroidMe Dunedin is committed to sustainability with established recycling programmes in place for plastic bags and packaging.  We have worked with big corporates to provide apparel that uses sustainable resources including caps made from thread spun from recycled plastic bottles and polos made from fast-growing bamboo.

We also believe it is our duty to give back to the community that supports us and so we contribute to charitable organisations where we can with end-of-line apparel and promotional products.  If you are organising a quiz evening for your local kindergarten then pop in and ask….we usually have something to give.

Here is an example of our excellent embroidery services we provided for Brighton RFC!

EmbroidMe of Dunedin, New Zealand.
Contact: Kathryn Cullen (03)-477-7057
Address: 162 Princes Street Email Us
Dunedin 9016
Map and Directions

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Here at EmbroidMe, we can show you samples and help you find the best apparel to meet your needs.

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All You Need To Know About Apparel, Uniforms and Branded Products

Consider Your Industry
When thinking about the uniforms or apparel requirements of your business, take what type of work you are doing into consideration.

For example, are you doing manual labour outdoors?  Are you working in tight areas?  Are there regulatory considerations to factor in?  Are you working in the food industry or in areas with flammable materials?

Answering all of these questions will help to determine the right garment for you and your staff.


Cheapest Is Not Always Best
When considering a promotional product purchase, remember that cheapest is not always best.  In fact, it rarely is.

Say you were considering the purchase of some promotional pens to give away to some of your VIP clients.  Faced with the choice of a basic biro for, say, $1.50 or a more premium option at $3.00, which would you choose?

The cheaper one, right?  Not necessarily so!

Remember – the last thing that a client sees as they throw a faulty promotional pen into the bin is what?  YOUR LOGO!


One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Unfortunately a Size 10 isn’t the same everywhere you go.  And we don’t mean from country to country, we mean from local brand to local brand.

Each of our major stocked brands will have slight differences in their sizing, so the best thing for you and your staff to do is to visit our showroom and try on the polo shirt or business shirt to ensure that you get the right size for you.

Most of our catalogs will have a sizing chart inside that will help guide your decisions.  Our helpful staff will also be able to guide you through the process of getting the right uniform size.

Cotton Shrinkage
While most cotton garments are pre-shrunk in the production process, you should still allow for up to 3% shrinkage when trying on your uniforms, polo shirts and trousers.

To Screen Print or Not to Screen Print
Screen printing as a general rule becomes more effective the larger the order size.  The cost of the screens, multiplied by the number of colours, added with the number of prints that need to be done to your shirts can be quite expensive if you only have a shirt run of 20 shirts or less (especially for multiple colours).


However there are various options available to you:

* Vinyl Transfers – digitally printed or computer-cut and available in small runs.
* Direct-to-garment printing – able to print one-offs of photographic images direct onto your polo shirt

Speak to us about your uniform and we can help recommend the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

So Many Promo Products to Choose From!
We know that our extensive list of thousands and thousands of promotional products can be daunting.

Here’s an easy way to narrow down which is the most appropriate promotional product for your business – simply ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Who is the intended end-user of the promotional product or giveaway?
2. Where will they be when they are most in need of my products and services?
3. How can I promote to them when they are in that situation?

Here at EmbroidMe, we can show you samples and help you find the best apparel and promotional products to meet your needs.

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